LBD Commercial Cleaning Services was founded in 2012 as a sub-contracting company for national janitorial companies.

Seeing that there was lack of customer service and high employee turn-over in the janitorial services industry, LBD Commercial Cleaning began offering services directly to customers.

The response was incredible and LBD Commercial Cleaning has continued to grow due to our commitment to our customers.


The LBD difference: 

- Quality service and attention to detail.
- Friendly customer service and easy billing.
- Trained and qualified personnel.
- Quick response times.
- Custom cleaning programs to meet your needs.
- Family-owned and operated.​


  1. Office Buildings
    Promote a healthy, productive, and innovative workplace environment. We offer our services to owner or tenant-occupied office buildings and industrial complexes.
  2. Education Facilities
    Preventing the spread of seasonal illnesses decreases absences and increases performance. We offer our services to daycare, K-12, and higher education facilities.
  3. Medical Facilities
    Sanitation in medical facilities is demanding and critical to maintaining a healthy environment. We offer our services to medical, dental, chiropractic, and other health facilities that require meticulous sanitation.
  4. Real Estate
    Sell your home faster and increase its value by creating a great first impression to potential buyers. We offer our services to homeowners or realtors who would like to improve the outcome of their home sale.
  5. Retail & Restaurant
    High traffic areas require extensive and professional care. Degreasing restaurant kitchens is important to maintain a sanitary kitchen. We offer our services to restaurants, retail stores, and your customer-facing work space.
  6. Religious Facilities
    The need for professional cleaning staff in religious facilities is crucial to ensure new and existing members have a welcoming experience.
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